No place like home... | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

No place like home...

No place like home they say. No place like home for domestic dangers. Each year about 60 children under five die from accidents, while 450,000 attend A&E and 40,000 are admitted to hospital, some with life-changing injuries.*

Children are most at risk in the places where they feel safest. Bitrex is the safety additive which is the last line of defence, making it almost impossible for a child to swallow something they shouldn’t.

But it’s even better if children don’t get their hands on dangerous stuff in the first place. Here are five reasons why home is no place to relax:

1. Cupboards of caution – everyone knows to keep the kitchen doors locked securely if there is any chance of a toddler getting within 100 yards. But don’t forget the other cupboards too. Under the stairs is a cave ready for exploration and often the hiding place of lots of cleaning materials - some of them long forgotten. And let’s not forget the risks resting in the bathroom cupboards. They all need locked up. 

2. Chaos theory – let’s not get judgmental - but – the more clutter and untidiness there is in a house the more likely it is that you might just overlook a bottle of cleaning fluid or a laundry liquid-tab. Just the sort of things a toddler will dig out.

3. Hard at work – that’s not to say that lots of housework is any safer. Research shows that accidental poisonings involving children take place most often when the products are in use. So look out on laundry days or when the windows are getting their annual wash.

4. Taps Aff – as they say in Glasgow when the sun comes out. But it’s also a reminder to replace all childproof closures. They’re there for a reason and it’s easy to forget to make that extra half turn to secure them.

5. Adult alert – cupboard locks, childproof closures, the Bitrex logo on products are all important. But the single best barrier to accidental poisonings is you. Alert grown-ups prevent accidents.


*Stats from RoSPA –July 2016.