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Many (little) hands…

The person who said many hands make light work obviously had never enlisted the help of a toddler. But spring cleaning with toddlers is probably a less taxing way of doing things than attempting to keep their inquisitive little hands out of the action. And it’s also safer; by working together you can keep an eye on what they’re up to.

  1. Toddler Teamwork – supervision is everything. Small children love working with an adult or older sibling. Give them a corner to clean or pass them paper rubbish to put out in the bin for recycling.
  2. Specialist work –If there is one territory toddlers know better than the adults it’s their own toys. Having a special job to tidy away their own toys is a safe, specific task. It also gives them a sense of responsibility about keeping their toys tidy. Maybe.
  3. Game time – it’s not difficult to turn the most dull household cleaning into an imaginative game. You could be tidying a wizard’s castle instead of a boring old bedroom wardrobe. You can see who can collect the most objects with the same colour. You can animate the equipment – a talking feather duster-bird anyone?
  4. Safe stuff – it almost goes without saying that cleaning fluids have to be carefully supervised, as many are potentially hazardous. Look for materials with the red Bitrex logo. Bitrex is a safety additive that makes it almost impossible for a child to accidentally swallow the product containing it.
  5. Appreciate – children who help out deserve a reward. Being part of the family team that helps keep the house tidy is a good lesson to learn, and a good habit to get into.