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Long Range Taste Test Alert

June seems far away, but, trust me, it will be here in a flash.  So here’s an early fun warning that Child Safety Week 2018 is just around the corner - between the 4th and 10th of June to be exact. As usual Bitrex is sponsoring the safety awareness week, supporting the organisers The Child Accident Prevention Trust.

And working again with the hundreds of nurseries,  play-groups and community safety organisations up and down the country who make the Week such a success.

As usual here at Bitrex will be making the free Taste Test Kits available to organisers.  So if you’re involved with a community group and you fancy setting up a Taste Test get in touch at www.bitrex.com

If you haven’t experienced the unforgettable taste of the world’s most bitter taste – then look out for Taste tests in your area.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!