Lifting the Lid on the Lab | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Lifting the Lid on the Lab

The Royal Institution (Ri) has been making science fun since it was founded in 1799, and fun is what it was for over 800 children and their parents who crowded into the Ri’s home in the heart of London on the 28th of October, for their Spooky Science Family Fun Day.

Bitrex were delighted to be part of this event; between the exploding pumpkins and the jumping spiders, we injected our own sort of horror by demonstrating the effects of the bitterest substance in the world. What better way to demonstrate the appliance of science to safety in the home than by sharing the horrible taste of Bitrex?  A taste so bad that it keeps children safe all round the world by making it almost impossible they will swallow harmful products.

Gina Mercier Bitrex Business Manager was part of the action;

‘Bitrex came directly out of the laboratory, it’s the perfect example of science being applied to real life problems. The simple addition of Bitrex to hundreds of different household, automotive and garden products has helped save countless lives. Johnson Matthey is all about the application of scientific innovation to practical problems. Like the Royal Institution we are about useful science. Seeing all those children, and their parents, learning about Science while having such a good time made my Halloween.’

Peter Gallivan, Family Programme Manager at the Royal Institution was equally enthusiastic,

‘Family Fun Days here are always popular, and this Halloween special was no exception. Having Bitrex as part of the fun really added to the day. Not that fun is perhaps the right word to use – the squeals of disgust from parents as the taste of Bitrex took hold suggested that the enjoyment was perhaps more for the children witnessing instead! As a charity whose mission is to inspire everyone to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives, Bitrex and Johnson Matthey, with their long history of scientific innovation, are the perfect partners to work with.’