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Keeping it safe

Child Safety Week comes up fast every year. It’s usually the first week in June and seems to us to be the perfect way to welcome the summer.

Arguably June is the most fun time of the year. It’s when toddlers are still at school or nursery and the long, fine days are perfect times to get out and about with the kids and meet up with other mums and dads.

Unless it’s lashing rain of course – the British weather is no respecter of social diaries.

Child Safety Week is very serious, of course. It’s all about keeping babies, toddlers and children safe, and raising awareness of child safety at all levels, from local community groups all the way up to national media and parliament.

But we never forget that the real action in CSW takes place when nursery, playgroup and other groups of mums and dads get together to talk about how child safety affects them. And, of course, to try the infamous Bitrex Taste Test.

For over ten years Child Safety Week has been a good excuse for the parents of the land to be exposed to the unique experience that is the Bitrex Taste Test. The bitterest taste in the world  that lingers, until you take the only known cure – milk chocolate. But if the taste fades the memory will linger on and it is a perfect way to open up conversations about how to avoid accidental child poisoning and the role of Bitrex as a last line of defence if a child gets its curious paws on something dangerous.

Once you have experienced the bitter taste of Bitrex you understand why it’s almost impossible for a child to swallow anything that contains this amazing substance.

But don’t worry if you missed the Taste Test this year. You don’t  have to wait until  Child Safety Week in June 2018. We’ll happily send a Taste Test Pack to your nursery, school or playgroup any time of the year!

Get yours today!