January is our favourite month! | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

January is our favourite month!

Yes, honestly!

Most people are big for May and June and some might even pine wistfully for the mists and mellow fruitfulness routine of September, but we are strong in defence of the first four weeks of the year.

Here’s why –

It’s a new start – and who doesn’t love a new start? A fresh chance to do something different. 2016 is in the past and all the things that didn’t happen get a second chance in 2017.

It’s the coldest month – so otherwise what is the point of a new coat? These boots would never get an outing without a touch of frost.

The great wintry outdoors – yes I know, the great wintry outdoors in January often amount to being unable to see outside because of the rain running down the windows. But for fun with toddlers, there isn’t much to beat a cold crisp clear winter’s day in the park. Unless…

It’s snowing!  In which case the fun for toddlers, parents and most adults that don’t have to get to work are tripled. January has more snowy days than any other month so count me in on that. Just, of course, stay safe. And if you have to take the car to get to the park or other wide open spaces, be extra careful. Keep the car topped up with screen wash and keep the screen wash out of small inquisitive hands. As a final line of defence buy screenwash containing Bitrex.

It’s the shortest month  I know, I know 31 days like all the rest, but by the time you get organised and back to work, school, nursery, it’s about the 7th of January and it’s a week shorter already. So even if January is your least favourite month, you have less to endure.

Team Bitrex