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It’s Spring already – the Bitrex guide to safer cleaning

Among the many alarming effects of global warming comes news that Spring is arriving 26 days earlier than it did ten years ago.

But does this mean that the hallowed ritual of spring cleaning jumps forward too?

In short, that probably means that yes, as soon as the early spring light reveals the shocking state of the windows it’s time to get the rubber gloves out.

And it’s also time for a safety alert. RoSPA reckon that 200,000 people every year in the UK end up in A&E through household accidents, many of them during spring cleaning season. And if you have small children around the house there are extra hazards to take account of. So here are our top tips for a safer, cleaner house.

  1. Think red - Look out for the red Bitrex logo on cleaning products. Many household cleaners are dangerous to small children, and research shows that accidental poisonings are more likely to take place while the product is in use. A tiny amount of Bitrex makes hazardous products taste so bad that even the most determined baby or toddler will find it almost impossible to swallow.
  2. Alarm alert – no spring cleaning is complete without de-fluffing and checking the batteries in your smoke alarms.
  3. Bins out – don’t just re-arrange the rubbish by putting it in bins that you leave around the house. Toddlers love rubbish and the job isn’t complete until all your junk is outside the house
  4. Child-proof the house – all over again. Keeping your house safe is an imperative task which has to be kept in mind at all times when you have young children or grandchildren. This is a good time to make sure the cupboard locks are working and that anything hazardous is carefully locked away!

Given that the safest houses are the tidiest houses, there’s much to be said for spring cleaning. Just stay safe, and enjoy the satisfying ping as you pull on the rubber gloves…