How’s your ‘transactive memory’? | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

How’s your ‘transactive memory’?

What about your ‘socially shared cognition’?


I know, I know. Me neither.


But apparently this is what happens where we are in a group and learning about new things, and it’s part of the reason why we are learning better and faster when we do it with a bunch of other people.


 ‘Socially shared cognition’ just means that you pick things up more easily when you are among friends.

Whether it’s passing the driving test theory, passing exams or learning the words to a song we do better in groups than we do sitting alone in a room.

The same is true of learning about how to keep children safe. Learning with groups of friends is very different from reading a leaflet or a website in a silent room. It’s the chat and the laughs and the sharing ideas and experiences that make an impact.


Humans are social animals - we’re better in groups than alone.


So the theme of Child Safety Week 2017 - Sharing is Caring  -  acknowledges the strengths of learning from others – that getting together, having a bit of a laugh and telling each other how we keep our children safe round the home and outside – is the way to spread the word.


And what better way to get the conversation started than the Bitrex Taste Test? Just try keeping a straight face when confronted with the world’s bitterest taste. But when the hilarity stops and the conversation turns to keeping hazardous materials away from children, the need for vigilance and the benefits of looking out for the Bitrex logo on products then the learning begins.


And transactive memory – what’s that all about?  Learn something with a friend and you’ll remember it far better than if you tried learning it on your own. And you’d have had more fun.