How to case the joint | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

How to case the joint

How do you keep a room safe – here’s a few tips from parents –

  1. Get down – literally, get down to the height your child is at – if they’re crawling get low, if they are toddling, get on your knees. Whatever altitude your kids see the world from, that’s the height you need to be at too.
  2. Now you’re down,   get dirty – not literally, but where the grown-ups are walking the toddlers and babies are crawling. It gives you a new insight into hygiene.
  3. Capture the clutter – from a low vantage point you can see the dangers -  toys, grown-up’s stuff and all the other things that cover every carpet in every family house. Time to tidy – again.
  4. Look up – from your low vantage point the stairs look like a ladder to another world,  kitchen cupboards look like castle doors, use your imagination, they will.
  5. Reassess as they get older; shelves that were out of reach come into reach- catches that were safe as houses become weak and wobbly when fingers gain strength and skills, so keep on top of  their developing ability to take control of their world.


So, what with all the crawling about, September when everyone is back at school and nursery, is the perfect time to re-assess. But don’t forget the basics, safe storage, child-resistant closures and products with Bitrex as a last line of defence. 

Happy crawling!