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Holiday Hangout Harm

Where is the safest place for your kids? Out and about exposed to all the uncontrollable slings and arrows of the wide open spaces? Or snug in the comfort of your own home?

The phrase ‘safe as houses’ holds about as much hot water as a chocolate teapot.  Statistics from ROSPA and the Child Accident Prevention Trust all show that the solid, comfortable, familiar home territory is where the majority of accidents take place.

It’s not hard to see why. It’s the very familiarity and sense of security that causes the problem.  Everyone relaxes in the home – it is seeming safe that makes it unsafe.

But at least parents are in control in their own home. They know where the dangers are and can set up the stair gate and secure the kitchen cupboards.

That’s not always the case in holiday homes. Whether it’s a croft in the wilds of the highlands or a sunny apartment by the pool, the holiday home can be a perfect storm of risk for small children. It’s very quickly familiar enough to lull you into a false sense of security and unfamiliar enough to be full of hidden dangers.

While you might have good safety locks on cupboards and buy products protected by Bitrex at home, when you’re in someone else’s house you can’t be sure. See below some of our top tips to keep kids safe this summer. 

1. Parents never really on holiday - always alert! 

Whether you are under the beach umbrella in Portugal or under the actual umbrella in Penrith the best way to keep kids safe is to keep an eye on them and everyone around them. Don’t blink!

2. Case the joint for dangers.

Whether it’s making your own improvised cupboard locks out of rubber bands or lifting bottle or tubs well out of reach you can child-proof any property.

3. If you can - buy products protected by Bitrex.

Part of having an enjoyable holiday comes with keeping it relatively clean. It’s worth checking, Bitrex is found in products in 40 countries around the world and the red logo looks the same in every language.

That way you can enjoy the holiday in any location and in any sort of climate.