Hold the Front Page... | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Hold the Front Page...

Or maybe that should be pause the Vine. Or even tweak the tweet.

The invention of social media has made it easy for individuals and groups to spread their words; and not just their words, but their smiles and laughter, too. Social media is now as much about images as it is about words.

Social media skills are often taken for granted. They’re the sort of skills that we all have (okay, maybe not so much for those of us who remember offices before there were computers) but they are skills that can transform the reach of any community group.

Child Safety Week and the Bitrex Taste Test in particular are made for social media: nothing funnier than the sort of funny faces that people pull when introduced to the bitterest taste in the world.

Click on individuals, groups; there’s plenty of scope and everyone has the equipment needed.

And then the magic of social media starts. If you have twenty parents and carers in your group and they each have twenty friends and relations and each of them have... etc. We’re not suggesting that your group will be trending worldwide, but if you trend town- or village-wide then that’s probably enough. That’s likely all you need to raise the profile of your group.

It’s probably wise to add a clear caption explaining the Bitrex Taste Test, otherwise viewers may wonder why half the people in the picture are pulling a face and the others are laughing wildly. It is the perfect way to show others the sort of activities your group is getting up to, and a great way to publicise Child Safety Week: just add #bitrextastetest #childsafety week.

Selfies, groupies (both are fun), Vine and other applications mean you can add a bit of live action and raucous laughter to the mix.

Remember, there are common sense warnings attached. Check regulations in force from local authorities, premises owners, and head offices, generally. Make sure you have everyone’s agreement to post the pictures, especially if there are any children involved.

Don’t forget the advice we’ve given in previous years about inviting local papers along to your event. Social media isn’t the only media out there, and thousands of people read the local paper, look online and listen to local radio. Invite your friendly journalist and photographer to try the Bitrex Taste Test!

If all of the above wasn’t enough to wear out your mobile, then why not enter the Bitrex selfie or groupie competition and win £250.00 for your nursery or playgroup? Share your group photos (or a selfie, if you don’t have a group) on Twitter or Instagram using #bitrextastetest or email them to us at enquiry@bitrex.com