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Halloween Safety

It's that time of year when terrible screams cut through the cold dark air...and that’s just the parents trying to pull the costume together! Halloween is here. It’s time for all right-minded people to put the lights out, duck behind the sofa and pretend they’re not in.

Not for parents, however. It’s time for them to be a one-person theatrical back-up to their children’s performances.  And joking aside, we all know that this there is much spooky fun to be had from Halloween! 

As well as being a lot of fun, Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year to be to be out and about.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, there are more than twice as many child pedestrian fatalities on 31st October than any other night of the year.

The peak time is 4pm to 10pm. It’s dark, lots of excited kids are out and many are wearing very dark outfits. Here are our top tips for ensuring that the only bandages are those on the curse of the mummy’s tomb!

  1. Part of the reason for so many pedestrian accidents is the traditionally dark costumes. No one is suggesting day-glo pink for a witch’s outfits (...although, come to think of it, it would be different!) But think about adding a bit of reflective material or carry a big bright witch’s torch! Then again, perhaps a nice white ghost outfit is a better bet.
  2. Costumes are also responsible for another common hazard – tripping over trailing sheets and other assorted ghost-like or zombie-like costume and accessories. And masks are an accident stumbling about looking for somewhere to happen.
  3. We wouldn’t normally encourage kids to approach dark strange houses, so Halloween shouldn’t be any different. Stick to houses of people you know. Kids under 12 shouldn’t be out on their own and even if they’re older there’s safety in numbers – stick together – even if you aren’t dressed at the two-headed monster.
  4. Don’t eat sweets that are unwrapped. Common sense really – but easy to forget in the excitement of trick or treating.

Have a frightful time, but a safe time and make sure that the only wounds are fake ones.