Halfords and Prestone Reduce Winter Worries | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Halfords and Prestone Reduce Winter Worries

Road safety is a big issue all year round. But winter brings its own dangers. Technology, from anti-lock brakes to efficient screen wash, has helped keep us all a bit safer.

But products like screen wash and anti-freeze are two edged. Vital for winter safety, but dangerous in the small, clever hands of children and toddlers.

They often look and smell attractive and although parents know to store safely and to look for child resistant closures, they are products that are in constant use through the wintry months. And so it’s easy to leave them lying around in the kitchen or foot-well of the car.

Don’t leave them lying around is the answer of course. But for the moment of inattention, Halfords and Prestone, two of the country’s leading automotive suppliers, have added Bitrex to a number of their key product lines.

Halfords Screen Wash Includes Bitrex

Prestone Screen Wash Contains Bitrex

The addition of Bitrex doesn’t lessen the advice about storage and closures, but it does mean that a moment’s distraction doesn’t end in disaster.