Green Fingers | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Green Fingers

The UK spends £1.4bn on plants. That’s a lot of greenery. If you add in the garden tools, furniture, barbeques, plant food and other garden essentials then the annual spend on our little patch of nature is £5bn. 

Whether you have many rolling acres or enough room for a mini-trampoline a garden is a great place for children. 
It’s great to go to the park, and mixing with lots of other children makes for happy, sociable kids. And we don’t all live where a garden is possible. But being able to step outside your own back door onto a patch of grass with some colourful plants all around is something we all, adult and child, can appreciate.  
Gardens, no matter how small, have to be kept safe. Here are some tips – 
1. Be especially careful at the beginning of the season – you might have forgotten that rusting pair of shears hiding in the verge. Be sure a curious two year old will find it.
2. Garden implements in general are hazardous to children. Sharp and powerful tools can look as if they might be great toys to a child.
3. No parent is going to plant poisonous vegetation in their garden, but there are plenty of weeds or those strange straggly leaves that come over the wall from the neighbours that might be hazardous to children or pets. If in doubt it’s time for a chat over the garden fence.
4. Slug pellets are a common way of controlling pests. Toddlers don’t know the dangers and they can quickly pick them up and pop into their mouths.  At this time of the year it’s especially easy to overlook slug pellets left out from the last season. Check the ground, but also look for slug pellets protected by Bitrex.