Greatest Big Taste Test Ever! | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Greatest Big Taste Test Ever!


The Child Safety Week Big Taste Test will run on Thursday 27 June.  Join us as the nation tastes Bitrex® the most bitter substance on Earth.

Bitrex is pleased to announce our greatest ever Big Taste Test event. As part of Child Safety Week (UK)m running 24th - 30th June, The Big Taste Test will take place on Thursday 27th June. With over 1500 individual events taking place across the UK, parents and carers from the Shetland Isles to Land's End will be learning at close hand, how Bitrex can help protect children from accidental poisonings.

The Big Taste Test works by asking parents to taste Bitrex® for themselves (quickly followed by a piece of milk chocolate). The memory of the taste will last for a long time, as will the message about preventing their child being poisoned.  Free Big Taste Tests packs are available to anyone organising an activity for Child Safety Week.

Follow your Big Taste Test up by encouraging parents to go to the website to sign the Bitrex® petition. This will encourage retailers to include Bitrex® in their products and do their bit to keep children safer from poisoning.

CAPT will be challenging radio presenters to take the test for themselves live on air and letting their listeners hear their reaction.  Our spokespeople will be available to drive home the poisoning message!