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Getting away from it all

Holiday homes, cottages, apartments, are perfect for a family with small children. There’s space to play, you can set your own routine and there are no hotel guests to tut disapprovingly at the mayhem that passes for a normal breakfast at home.

Holiday accommodation are as varied as the families who hire them, but they are houses not hotel rooms. They contain all the hazards that you can encounter at home. They have under-the-sink spaces, cleaning cupboards and garden hazards too. Everything you’d look out for at home you have to look out for when away.

Lock the cupboards – rubber bands are no substitute! Get things up out of reach, but first of all case the joint! Look around and familiarise yourself with this new environment, because you can be sure every self-respecting toddler is going to get to know their new territory within minutes. You don’t want them to be the first to find the hazards.