Garden Safety Patrol | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Garden Safety Patrol

Spring is a great time for parents of toddlers. No longer does a trip to the park result in your two year old looking like they’ve done a shift down an old style coal mine. There’s nothing more important for child development than letting them explore the wid outdoors. Spring is their chance to investigate. We’re always on our guard in the park, there’s plenty that could be lurking in the long grass and even in the closely cropped municipal lawns.

But what about outdoors at home? Children and toddlers are equally at risk in the gardens at home, in the places they know well. We must remember to keep a sharper eye on them. Gardens and backyards are dangerous because we think we know what’s out there. At this time of the year, when no one has been looking too closely at the nooks and crannies of the garden or yard, it’s especially dangerous.

Toddlers should never be left unsupervised in the garden. I mean, some have a taste for garden soil for goodness sake! But even if they’re supervised it’s wise for an adult to have checked the territory thoroughly. Look out for abandoned garden tools, broken glass, animal poo – and be particularly alert for rodent bait, slug bait and other pest control material you might have put down and forgotten about.

Did you know that some slug and rodent bait is protected by Bitrex? Examples of Mouse and Rat poison that contains Bitrex are Rentokil Redenticides which can be purchased in Tesco or Bayer Mouse and Rat killer which can be purchased in various garden centres globally, just look out for the Bitrex logo.

Bitrex acts as the last line of defense against accidental poisoning, of course we need to make sure there’s nothing dangerous lying around but buying products with Bitrex adds an extra layer of reassurance. 

Only when that’s done can you let the toddlers off their leads.