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Garden Games

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, but if you are, then Spring time is the moment when you can let toddlers out into the (comparative) safety of their own garden.

Comparative safety - as gardens need to be child-proofed in much the same way as houses are. After a long winter it’s easy to forget the rakes and shears and other equipment that you didn’t quite get round to tidying away in October.  Or the  dangers that might be covered up by leaves. The same applies to garden products like slug pellets which you put down too long ago to remember but might have survived the winter, you don’t want a toddler getting their little hands on these.  

Because let’s face it, if there are hidden hazards out there a toddler will find them.  So clear up the garden before it becomes an extension of the playing area. Check garages and garden sheds too.  They should be treated like under the sink cupboards – out of bounds to toddlers and children.  But if they do get in there make sure anything dangerous is on a high self or locked in a cupboard. Keep garden materials in the containers they were bought in.  They are more likely to have child resistant closures and will look less like something that might be for eating or drinking.

And look out for the wide range of automotive and garden materials which are protected with Bitrex. The red Bitrex logo means they contain  a final line of defence – a bitter safety additive so powerful that it is almost impossible for a toddler to swallow

Nothing better than a garden full of happy shouting safe children –  even the neighbours will agree!