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Garden Games

Is this late summer or early autumn? With all of the excitement of back-to-school, September days are no time to surrender to indoors. The weather can be fabulous – not too hot and not too cold and just the last desperate wasps to spoil things. 

However, we all know that September can be a tiring time with a lot happening so as parents, creative juices may not be flowing as they did during the summer  months! At Bitrex, here are some fun outdoor activities that we like to get outdoors!

1. Outdoor Gallery

Think big – get the washable paints, chalks and crayons out and even the smallest bit of patio becomes a huge work of art. We did say washable art materials! And look out for crayons and other art stuffs which contain Bitrex to make sure there’s less risk of any accidental poisoning.

2. Art Attack

A big sheet of paper per child on the patio or grass – draw round and create an outline - then decorate and exhibit!

3. Fill the Pot

This one needs a bit of supervision but can be lots of fun. Give every child a washed out yogurt pot and set them loose. The winner is the one with the biggest range of different objects found. Of course, you have to case the joint first! Look out for and hazardous objects – at this time of the year look out for any poisonous berries. If you’re not sure if they’re poisonous - then don’t. Watch out too for dangerous items like glass, metal or slug pellets. Look out for slug pellets that contain Bitrex for extra reassurance.

4. Pirate Island 

A spot of buried treasure me hearties? Even the smallest garden can be transformed into a treasure island. Draw up a map - don’t make it too difficult or you will end up having to do the digging. Watch out for roots, cables and all the hazards mentioned above. Yo Ho Ho!

5. Targets

Simple and easy but loads of fun for kids of all ages - and the grown-ups. Draw big targets on the grass or patio and see who gets the bullseye – or nearest. You don’t need a big lawn for this to be fun – but don’t get too enthusiastic and end up in the neighbours. If you’ve got other sure-fire children’s garden games why not share them here?

Have fun - and stay safe.