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Firework Fun

It’s that time of the year again. And for most families the only memories of bonfire night will be of fun and festivities. But accidents involving fireworks still affect around 1000 people a year – and more than a third are under 13.

More education and well-organised public events have made bonfire night safer, but while everyone is safely gathered in the living room watching the spectacle in the sky, the real danger might be lurking behind your back.

When accidental poisonings happen it’s never when the parents or other adults are watching. It’s always when everyone is looking the other direction.

Bonfire night parties and other gatherings are just the sort of time when small people can go on exciting expeditions into the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. When everyone else is having a good time it’s the perfect opportunity for tiny fingers to test out just how child resistant the closures are, and how well the dangerous products are stored.

So, as they say in panto (it will soon be that time again soon too) –

Look Behind You!

Stay alert is the best safety advice, and look out for products with the Bitrex logo as a final safety net.

We hope you've had a fun and safe Bonfire Night.