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Family diplomacy

Families are always havens of plain talking and smooth relationships. Aren’t they? In laws and parents always working together in harmony?

Well, you know that is usually, but not always, the case. So what happens when you turn up at Mum-in-laws for a week and a quick look round the kitchen reveals a collection of hazards that would put an SAS assault course to shame? And that’s before you let the kids loose in the garden, a terrain full of slug pellets, poisonous plants and finger chopping implements.

What do you do? Bustle about in a self-righteous way muttering as you secure cupboard doors? No. If you do it will be a long visit. But saying nothing isn’t an option. You all have the children’s best interests at heart.  Your parents in law were great parents, they produced your partner after all, they’re just a bit out of practice. Raise the issue diplomatically and together you can make the house as safe as you can.