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Everyone’s a Winner

Well not strictly speaking true. A tough judging process took place; we didn’t know whether to laugh or to hide behind the sofa. But we have a winner – Helene Denness, whose expression truly conveyed the taste of the bitterest substance in the world! A member of Lincolnshire County Council’s public Health Team, Helene wins a cheque for £250 which she will present to Boston Nursery to buy shiny new nursery equipment.

As you recall we asked you to send us your pictures of the sort of faces that can only be pulled after trying the bitterest substance in the world. And yes, quite a gallery of frowns, grimaces and forced smiles collected on our Instagram page. See our gallery for examples. If you didn’t win – do not fear – we are looking for another £250 winner with entries closing on the 31st July. Please tweet and share your Bitrex pictures using #BitrexTasteTest. Remember the taste test isn’t just for Child Safety Week, you can run a Taste Test anytime during the year. It can enliven galas, summer fetes and fundraisers throughout the season. 

Pictured are Sarah Blount, Helene Denness and Debbie Scutt  from Lincolnshire Public Health Team