Deep Freeze | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Deep Freeze

Every year newspaper headlines warn us all that the coldest winter in a hundred years is about to envelop us in its icy grip.  Of course, if the warning comes often enough then sooner or later the  terrible prophecy is bound to come true. And the next thing you  know you’ll be digging the car out of the snow  to discover  that its low on anti-freeze and the engine is now a block of metal ,oil and ice.

Anti-freeze is a vital piece of winter equipment. But it is also one of the most potentially dangerous materials we can have lurking about or homes, sheds and garages. Ethylene glycol, the stuff that makes anti-freeze work, is highly poisonous. So anti-freeze and children most definitely don’t mix.

Store carefully, either high up, well out of the reach of children, or locked away. It’s the sort of material you use only once a year, so don’t forget about neglected bottles tucked away in garages and sheds.

And for extra security buy brands like Halfords and Prestone who add Bitrex, the safety additive that tastes so bad that it’s almost impossible to swallow.

No matter what sort of winter we have in store, look after your car, but look after your family too.