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Dare to share- The bitrex charity challenge

This year we’ve added a twist to the unforgettable experience of trying the Taste Test. In the spirit of previous charity challenges, challenges that only involved the minor ordeal of drenching yourself in icy cold water, we’ve initiated the Bitrex Taste Test Charity Challenge.

The process is simple. Try the Taste Test, marvel at how something that tastes this bad can be harmless, consider how well this would work to stop a child swallowing something harmful, then donate money to charity and dare your chums to have a go.

If there’re brave enough to take the challenge then they do the taste test, make  their donation and pass on the dare.

We’re suggesting £1 a dare, and given there are around 100,000 people taking the Taste Test across the country each year that’s potentially a lot of cash. But it’s only a suggestion and you can donate as much or as little as you like just go to www.justgiving/bitrexcapt

We’ve suggested that the money raised goes to our charity partner and the organisers of Child Safety Week, the Child Accident Prevention Trust, to help them in their year round work of keeping children safe.

And of course if you want to just do the Taste Test for its own sake that’s fine too!


You can request your FREE taste test kit here: www.bitrex.com/taste-test/request-a-taste-test