Clear Danger | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Clear Danger

It’s that time of the season again – hard frost on the car – just to make family mornings even more fun. But there are dangers lurking under the glittery surface.

According to the UK’s National Poisons Information Service around 2-3 children every week attempt to swallow one of these vital winter lifesavers anti-freeze, screen-wash or de-icer.

The paradox is no family car is safe through winter without those vital standbys. But all contain toxic alcohol or glycol – harmful to humans, especially so to inquisitive children.

Anti-freeze is especially deadly. It can lead to organ failure, coma and death. But the alcohol in screen-wash and de-icer, while less deadly, can also be harmful to children. And to adults – we’re not talking fine wine here – these are toxic industrial alcohols.

The advice is as clear as our windscreens, kept free of ice and grime by these products –

  1. Keep all automotive products locked away – especially anti-freeze – and don’t leave half used containers lurking about in sheds and garages.
  2. Never mix screen wash and water into an empty soft drinks bottle. Not only are you putting dangerous products into a container that isn’t child resistant, you are confusing toddlers by making it difficult for them to separate bottles to drink out of, from those that are dangerous.
  3. Don’t let any containers of screen-wash or de-icer roll around the foot-well at the back of the car – the boot is the place. Not where children may be able to lay their hands on it.
  4. Remember that screen wash and de-icer both look and smell fantastic to toddlers.
  5. Look out for screen-wash and de-icers with the Bitrex logo. Prestone, Bluecol Halfords and Tesco’s own brand all contain Bitrex. It will ensure even if they do lay their hands on it toddlers will spit it out immediately.

And in the rough and tumble of a family morning in winter, all darkness and lost mittens and everyone running late – keep an eye on what the smallest members of the family are up to!