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Child Safety Week - 1st week of June!

I’m not sure how many of you use year planners? Who doesn’t love these pieces of organisational wall covering with their quiet air of potential and careful thinking with their twelve months stretching off into the distance? Not blank white spaces of course. What could be worse than a year planner with nothing in it? An empty twelve months isn’t giving of the right messages to bosses and colleagues. But filling up logically with conferences and meetings and deadlines they are a perfect way to cover the office wall.

Not as jolly as a kitten poster or as much fun as a One Direction calendar but sitting there like a conscience keeping you on the right track. Except for the red felt pen, off course. That’s what marks the events that take more than a few hours to prepare for, the events that are anticipated and feared on equal measure.

On my year planner that includes Child Safety Week. Bitrex have been supporting the Week for so long no one here can actually remember when we started. (Not even Cameron!) 2014 was my first involvement with CSW and it was a highlight of my first year with Bitrex. It’s grown into one of the biggest community based national events in the country. We’re very proud to have been part of the way the Week has grown and the role that the Big Taste Test plays in it. But I’m very aware of the work that goes into making these community events happen. So I’m guessing that there are lots of planners with CSW in red felt pen on them. Mine has.

Not wishing to alarm anyone but what I did notice when I got my trusty red pen out was that CSW is now in the first week of June in 2015 not the last. Yes, three weeks less to prepare. You have been warned. The good news is that we’re ready for requests or Taste Test Kits right now – so don’t wait until May – get one step ahead of the year planner.

Gina Mercier
Bitrex Business Manager