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Care Share Dare

There are hundreds of Child Safety Week events going on up and down the country – we estimate around 500. That makes CSW one of the biggest community based events in the country. The events take place in nurseries, play-groups, hospitals, church halls, even, in the unlikely event of proper June weather, outdoors.

They are fun gatherings with a purpose, to spread the message about keeping children safe both in and outside the home. They’re for mums, dads, carers, grans, granddads, anyone with a concern for children and who want to find out how to protect them.

The Bitrex Taste Test has always been at the heart of Child Safety Week. A Taste Test is never dull – you can imagine how people react to trying out the world’s most bitter substance!  There are plenty moans and groans and lots of laughs too. And plenty relief when the milk chocolate comes out. Chocolate is always good to see,  of course, but since it’s the only thing that will take away the bitter taste of Bitrex,  its appearance is particularly welcome at a Bitrex Taste Test.

It’s a perfect icebreaker and the perfect way to get people talking. And so it’s the perfect lead into the kind of conversations where parents can share their experiences.

This year we’ve added an extra dimension to the Taste Test. By doing the taste test, making a £1* donation to the Child Accident Prevention trust at then you can dare a friend to try the Taste Test. It’s not compulsory and the donation - but it adds an extra element of fundraising to help support CAPT in its educational work both during Child Safety Week and all year round.

So, look out for Bitrex Taste Test events, you will maybe meet old friends and make new ones and you will be able to tell everyone that you have experienced the world’s most bitter taste. If that won’t get you new respect at the school gates I don’t know what will.