Car Clutter | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Car Clutter

Here’s a test. When you get in your car and your partner’s has been last to drive the car, do you:

a. Pick up all the empty crisp packets, sandwich wrappers, pizza boxes, put them in a bin bag and place in a suitable receptacle, do a quick dust and hoover before starting the engine?


b. Scatter some jelly babies over the passenger seat, spill a little coffee on the carpet and rummage up the immaculate glove compartment before you feel comfortable enough about driving off?

Tidy car; it divides the world as sharply as cats or dogs, coffee or tea. And if you have a car that ferries anyone under the age of 20 regularly, even the driver who keeps a neatly folded duster for all emergencies has to go with the flow of debris . But cluttered cars can be more than a matter of domestic dispute.

Here five reasons why cars need to curb their chaos: 

1. Rolling stones… bottles and cans - rolling around the foot-well can slip under pedals. ‘Where is that bottle of water’ isn’t what you want to be thinking just before an emergency stop. Put water bottles in cup holders to keep them nearby. 

2. What was that?! – distractions in the car are one of the leading causes of car accidents. And that’s not just attention seeking children … or adults. It’s sudden unexplained crashes from the back or crisp packets blowing around when the windows are open 

3. Bib and tucker – being fussy about people eating in a car isn’t a reflection of an over developed need of order. Did you know that eating while driving is illegal 

4. Identified flying objects – It is a tragic fact that many people are killed and injured every year not from the effect of the car accident but from heavy objects flying off the back shelf or back seat and hitting them at 60 miles an hour. The clutter should be in the boot. 

5. What’s going on back there –Many small children are poisoned accidentally by sampling substances like screen-wash or de-icer which are often left in the back of the car. You wouldn’t leave stuff like that rolling about on the kitchen floor, so the car is no different.

Keep them out of reach and look for the Bitrex logo – the sign of safer products. Buying screen-wash, anti-freeze and de-icer with Bitrex added, makes it almost impossible for a child to swallow it. Even a tiny amount of Bitrex will make it taste so bad that a child will spit it out before it does any harm.

But just as a safe kitchen is tidy, with a locked under-the- sink cupboard, a safe car is a tidy car with anything dangerous in the boot.