Caps off to CAPT | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Caps off to CAPT

Bitrex have been supporters of Child Safety Week for many years. We do it because the safety of children is what our business is all about and because the Bitrex Taste Test is a perfect fit with the Week.  Sampling the unforgettable taste of Bitrex is a fun and educational centrepiece of many CSW events.


The Week is all about spreading the word about how we can all work together to keep children safe. From parents attending local events in church halls and schools, to awareness-raising through the media, all the way to bringing the issue to the attention of policy makers and politicians locally and nationally, it’s a dynamic way of getting a vital issue on the agenda.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust are the organisers of Child Safety Week and it’s fair to say that this is the busiest week of the year for them. There are materials to supply, interviews to do, politicians to speak to.


But the other 51 weeks of the years aren’t quiet either. The work for CAPT is one of constant support for professional and parents, developing educational materials and training and lobbying of people in public office and in private companies, the people who can make a difference.


CAPT is the only UK charity dedicated to safety and children and while the frequency of accidents that effect children have declined steadily over the years, there is no room ever for complacency. As the world changes so does the type of threats that children face. CAPT has worked closely with industry bodies and with Bitrex to help raise awareness about the safe use of laundry pods for example.


So we’re very happy to support CAPT in its work. And we’re equally delighted that the Taste Test is being used as a fund-raising tool this year. Just dare a friend to try the Taste Test and donate what you can to