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Blue Monday

We're not sure if it helps your mood to be told that it’s officially the Most Miserable Day of the Year. This grim title is attached to the third Monday in January. Why this particular Monday out of the 52 other less than magnificent Mondays we have to face throughout the year?

Explanations vary, but you can either accept that it’s the result of a complex mathematical equation based on distance from the first payday of the year, the amount of debt we get into at Christmas, the poor quality of light and the frightful weather.

Or you can go for the other theory, which is that this is one of those days made up by PR people to promote misery banishing products like chocolate, short term loans and holidays.

It’s not clear whether knowing that it is the worst day of the year is going to make you feel better.  Probably not.

But on the other hand there is the satisfaction of knowing that on the third Tuesday of January the worst is behind and the year can only get better.

Which kind of shows up how ridiculous the whole notion of the worst day is. Life is never that predictable for parents of small children. Each day could be the worst day or it could be the best – a  day of tantrums and tears or giggles and cuddles. And a date in the diary isn’t going to predict which way things are going to work out.