Bitterer - but safer - place | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Bitterer - but safer - place

During 2014 Bitrex has been included in more and more products, helping to keep children safe. The most bitter substance in the world, Bitrex tastes so bad that not even the most determined toddler can drink it. When added to potential dangerous products there is little chance of a child accidentally swallowing it.

It’s not a substitute for other safety measures, of course. Child resistant closures and safe storage -either out of reach or firmly behind child resistant locks – are till vital. But Bitrex is the last line of defence. And given that many dangerous household products are swallowed by children when they are in use rather than in the cupboard, it’s a reassurance for every distracted and harassed parent.

This year more and more manufacturers and retailers have added Bitrex to a wide range of products including laundry liquitabs, screen wash and slug bait. Look out for the red logo and help make the world a bitterer – but safer - place.