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Bitrex safety tips

After the fun and mayhem of Christmas is over its worth remember that the process of returning the house to normal has its own hazards – here’s our safety tips for tidying up the Christmas decorations  to help you ensure that the vital twelfth night clear up should be done as safely as possible.

  1. Watch out for that tree! Tree related accidents are very common and sound hilarious until it happens to you. The place for needles is on the carpet, where they will be hanging around until March. But keep pine needles well away from eyes!
  2. Children will always want to help out. Give them a safe job – perhaps supervising what you are doing – there are all sorts of dangers for small children.
  3. Keep them well away from the lights for a start.  Even when they are switched off and in a big tangled heap waiting to get back in the loft for another year, these are irresistible to a baby or toddler.
  4. The same risk from easily broken glass shards applies to equally attractive tree decorations.  Most modern decorations are safer, but traditional glass baubles are a real risk at that moment when they come off the tree and are about to be packed away safely.
  5. Toddlers take it as a personal challenge to get the most intriguing objects into their mouth – but Christmas decorations gives extra scope to their ingenuity.