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Bitrex on BBC News

We are pleased to announce that our Bitrex Business Manager, Mr Cameron Smith, was interviewed by the BBC News last week. He was contacted to provide expert advice on how laundry detergent capsules could be made safer with the addition of Bitrex.

In a recent report, doctors are warning about the dangers of liquitabs used in washing machines and dishwashers, after treating some children for near fatal injuries. The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow has admitted five children this year, all under two, who had either bitten into or squeezed the tabs.

For the full story, and to watch to the BBC interview with Cameron, please click here.

For over two years, Bitrex has been encouragng manufacturers and retailers to add Bitrex to liquid laundry detergent capsules. Click here to read our joint press release with the Child Accident Prevention Trust (UK). To leave your comments, please go to our interactive website or visit our Facebook page.