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Best Ever Child Safety Week

This year, we have had the biggest and best Child Safety Week ever.

We are veteran supporters of the week and value our long association with CAPT. Which is maybe another way of saying we’re not in the flush of youth when it comes to sponsorship. But this year was special. Not just in terms of media coverage and numbers of events, although the numbers are very impressive.

It was more about the incredible level of enthusiasm that was clear across the country. We sent out over 1750 Big Taste Test packs, each containing 100 stamps. People don’t have to do events like CSW. It’s above and beyond the call of duty for most, but perhaps because it’s not mainstream work you could almost feel the country quivering with energy and enthusiasm throughout the third week in June.

And as the dawn sound of whirring starter motors and scrapping screens brings us to the end of the year, I’m also delighted that the automotive business has become Bitrex’s best friend too. Industry giants Halfords and Prestone have rolled out improved ranges of their anti-freeze and screen wash products, which now all contain Bitrex.

2013 has been many things, but dull hasn’t been one of them! Thank you for your support. Bring on 2014.