Back to school | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Back to school

Christmas is truly over when the schools go back.  It’s a moment looked forward to with equal dread and anticipation, depending on whether you are the parent or the child.

After the excitement of the build-up, there is a different atmosphere when the last weekend of the holidays comes around and the old routine is about to start again.

It’s a big time for washing too. Getting all the school clothes organised, the swim stuff, the gym gear.

But it’s a good time to remember how much safer clothes washing has become.  Since  a Europe-wide directive was introduced in 2015  all laundry pods have contained a bittering agent like Bitrex to help prevent accidental swallowing by babies and toddlers. Most top brands have come to Bitrex for help because we have the technology and skills to make sure the right amount is added to be safe. Our logo on the packaging is a clear sign to customers that these pods are as well protected as they can be.

Good to start 2018 with the world just a little bit safer than it was before.