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A toxic time for Mums and Dads

It’s all kicking off on the school run. It’s rarely a pleasure, but the daily chore of getting the kids to school has become a walk on the wild side for the nation’s parents. The odd argument with the passengers in the back is to be expected. But illegal parking, raging parents and dangerous driving have prompted a spate of responses from schools and local authorities. These have ranged from polite letters home from head-teachers, through to police campaigns to some councils – including East Lothian, banning parking in a 300 metre parental exclusion zone around the schools.

The sight of harassed parents grappling over the last parking space at 3pm might be fun material for the tabloids. But there is a darker irony lurking under the headlines. Insurance company statistics suggest that every month over 1000 children are injured around our schools.

• 60% of parents are stressed by the school run

• 1,200 children a month are involved in school run accidents

• 53% of mums row with children on the way to school

• School runs are 21% of trips in urban areas at peak times

The dark irony is that parents who think they are keeping their children safe are turning streets around schools into some of the most dangerous places in Britain. The advice is simple - walk if you can, park sensibly, give yourself enough time and stay within the law. It’s also vital that you keep a particularly sharp lookout near schools. Children can spot friends and dash out. So don’t get distracted by a last minute argument about homework. And keep the screen nice and clear. As autumn rains sweep in make sure your screen-wash is topped up. And for the extra security of making sure younger siblings aren’t intrigued by the sweet smell, choose a screenwash protected by Bitrex.