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Why use Bitrex?

Bitrex makes your products safer. It’s as simple as that.

But in addition, it provides you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate that your company values product improvement and innovation, and recognises the benefits of ingredient branding.

Easy integration and certification

Bitrex is an inert, odourless safety chemical. It is effective in parts per million so it’s easy to integrate Bitrex into the manufacturing process.

Through our Certification Programme, we carry out a series of stringent procedures to ensure the correct use and dosage. It also ensures Bitrex is effective in its application. The procedures include:

  • Taste testing – to identify the minimum level of Bitrex needed for effective use
  • Product analysis – to help resolve any production, stability or regulatory problems.
  • Data support – allowing customers to review the commercial viability of the product during the early stages of development.
  • Industry regulation – we are forefront of many industry discussions worldwide.

Ready to license a product?

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