Organise a Taste Test Event | Bitrex

Organise a Taste Test Event

To take part in the #BitrexTasteTest, this is all you need:

Some Bitrex. This comes in the form of fiendishly impregnated tasting tabs. To request your free Bitrex Taste Test Kit, simply fill in the form.

Milk Chocolate. And lots of it! It is the only thing that will take away the taste of Bitrex. Make sure you have enough for everyone taking part to have at least two chunks. And remember, dark chocolate does not work.

A Crowd. A fête, a fundraiser, a safety fair – any excuse for a gathering of more than three people. Bitrex is safe for kids, but we recommend that they are saved from the experience. It’s more fun to watch mums and dads going through the ordeal anyway!

A Camera. People will pull faces they have never pulled before, and may never pull again. Record them for posterity and amusement, then send your best photos to or share them using #BitrexTasteTest and we’ll add them to our gallery. Just make sure everyone is ok with the pictures being shared online. We’ll be giving away prizes for the best (ie. worst!) photos submitted.