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Car Wash

This is the time of year when the great carwash takes place. The depth of winter is a pointless time for this task. Gleaming paintwork stays gleaming for about 3 minutes when the roads are as muddy as farm tracks and the potholes brim over with deep dark dirty water.

March roads aren’t exactly sun-kissed and dusty, but it does begin to be a bit more worthwhile to get the bucket and sponge into action.

And what a great job for small children to help out with!

Nothing they like more than a task that is wet, involves lots of soapy suds and takes place out in the fresh air. Struggle into the all in one rain suit and they’re perfectly dressed. The adults on the other hand can just get wet.
As always with little helpers in domestic tasks, supervision is vital-keeping an eye on what they’re up to is everything. But what fun they can have buffing up a shiny wheel!

Inside the car they can be very helpful. They’re just the right size for clearing out the footwells and under the seats, the places where all the winter’s junk accumulates, exactly the places that should be cleaned out regularly. Plenty of accidents are caused by under seat debris flying forward and getting stuck under brake or clutch pedals.
Even more, supervision is needed when cleaning out the interior. Little exploring fingers get hold of all sorts of things in these dark nooks and crannies. Half-full anti-freeze containers and forgotten screen-wash are the sort of things that are lurking after a long winter.
Anti-freeze is a vital product, sweet tasting - just a teaspoonful can be lethal if swallowed by a toddler. Screen-wash contains glycol, which smells intriguing but is also toxic.

Keep a strict eye on the entire team. But also buy automotive products with the red Bitrex logo. Bitrex tastes so bitter that it is almost impossible to swallow, the last line of defence to keep all your little helpers safer.