Kaufland and Bitrex | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Kaufland and Bitrex

K-Classic products contain Bitrex

At Kaufland the safety of the children has priority. Because they know: Children are curious and ready for action to explore their surroundings. So the company has been one of the first in Germany who intended to make the world a safer place for children.

They started more than ten years ago to introduce the bittering agent Bitrex into their K-Classic product line. The liquid K-Classic products from the segments cleaner and household detergents, laundry detergents, softener and car care contain all Bitrex.

Meanwhile around 60 K-Classic products, which contains Bitrex, are on the shelves at Kaufland - and they all feature the Bitrex logo displayed at the forefront of the packaging.

Thus parents have the opportunity to identify the much more safer products because of the Bitrex logo more easily.

For Kaufland it is important that their customers are best informed about the additional value of their K-Classic products enabled by Bitrex. With many different activities - such as competitions, participation in information days and provision of information materials concerning news and tipps on household safety and prevention of poisoning - they have cared for the best knowledge on the effect of Bitrex among parents, grandparents and other carers. Customers can also look up at their website why it is important for Kaufland to use Bitrex. So we pay Kaufland a huge compliment for its engagement for more safety for children and as well its longtime commitment to Bitrex.