Denkmit & Bitrex | Bitrex - Keeping children safe

Denkmit & Bitrex

The first decade

dm-drogerie markt has been a pioneer in Germany concerning more safety in the household for children. Indeed they were the first company which introduced Bitrex into their private label "Denkmit" products. Denkmit offers cleaning and detergent products as well as air fresheners. With the “nature” line Denkmit additionally offers alternatives which are more ecologically friendly compared to conventional products. Also in the “nature”-line Bitrex is included because it perfectly fits with this range of ecologically friendly cleaning and detergent products.

dm-drogerie markt is present in twelve European countries (including Austria and South-East Europe) with more than 3,000 stores and around 55,000 employees in Europe, from those more than 38,500 live in Germany. 

The Story

The products of dm’s brand Denkmit are all effective and efficient cleaning and detergents products for cleanliness in the household. At the same time it has been the clear aim of the company to make these products additionally more safer to use.

dm started including Bitrex in its Denkmit products more than ten years ago, recognising that the safety additive was a perfect partner in implementing the companies target to care for the safety of the dm customers and their families.

From the beginning, Denkmit packaging included the Bitrex logo, a highly visible sign for dm’s customer care and responsibility. The relationship has grown and developed over the decade. There have been joint advertising campaigns, staff training and promotional collaborations, on-line and off.

The tenth anniversary did not go unrecognised as both companies wanted to celebrate a unique partnership that has helped to bring more safety in the home especially for little children - and this in many European countries.

The Outcome

dm initially added Bitrex to 15 Denkmit products - in itself a substantial commitment. Over the years dm expanded the use of Bitrex so that today Bitrex is included in around 70 different Denkmit products where it is technically possible. These are a simple pair of figures, but ones which demonstrate the engagement of dm in offering safer products to their customers and a strong commitment to Bitrex.

The closeness of the relationship was perhaps best demonstrated in the manner of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the partnership. Champagne? Well, no. The companies marked the milestone by organising workshops for the dm trainees about how effectively Bitrex helps to better protect customers’ families.

So the trainees got the opportunity to participate in the Bitrex Taste Test, sampling the bitterest substance in the world. The outcome was a lasting impression of the effectiveness of Bitrex on the one hand and much hilarity on the other hand finished off with chocolates all round - the best way to neutralise the bitter taste of Bitrex.

The large number of trainees who are now more aware of child safety and Bitrex’s role in additional preventing poisoning is a pretty good outcome for a tenth anniversary celebration. And training like this, right from the beginning with trainees is a fairly outstanding example of collaborative work between two companies.

Further to the trainees workshops dm also organised workshops including the Bitrex Taste Test with the colleagues from several dm-branches in Germany. The time dm took to advise on their engagement for more child safety and Bitrex leads to a sound consulting competence of the dm-employees on site - especially concerning information on Bitrex for young families.

Not least the trust between the two companies has been built on expert service support from Bitrex, successive promotional activities devised and implemented in partnership and constant innovation from both sides. Not to mention excellent personal relationships between key staff on both sides.

The dm-Bitrex collaboration was a solid parameter during the continued expansion of the Denkmit product line with Bitrex being an important element of responsible behaviour of dm toward its customers. During this process the Bitrex logo on Denkmit packaging was always a clear and highly visible sign for the companies customers that dm wanted to look afer them and their families and better protect them, especially the little ones.

A current example for the customer trust and loyalty towards dm and Denkmit products with Bitrex shows in the latest customer survey, carried out in spring 2016 as part of a loyalty program of dm for parents. Those customers have been informed by an info flyer on Bitrex which was accompanied by some Denkmit products with Bitrex for testing in the household. The results have been impressive and show a high reputation for both - the brand Denkmit and the Bitrex brand. In detail: 373 customers took part in this survey and 98% of them found the information given concerning Bitrex helpful with 94% liking the products itself.

A great result - which both partners are very pleased about - and a good basis for the second decade of partnership of Denkmit & Bitrex.