A big 'hello' from everyone at Bitrex

Here at Bitrex we want you to share these ‘eeeughies’ - your Bitrex Taste Test Moments! Not only is it a great way of giving friends and family a merry laugh but it’s an opportunity to share the message about preventing accidental poisonings. Simply request our free Bitrex Taste Test kit , take a few snaps of your reaction to Bitrex, tweet and share your best (or worst!) pics using #BitrexTasteTest or upload via the website. Learn more about #BitrexTasteTest

Till 31st July we’re also going to give a £250 prize for your nominated child care organisation to the group that posts the best pic. So get tasting, posting, sharing and tweeting using #BitrexTasteTest for your chance to win.

Pppsst! Don’t forget to have the chocolate on hand to take away the bitter taste of Bitrex!

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Bitrex is a wonderful idea; knowing that my children are safe is my number one concern. You can never be to safe when it comes to little ones... and older ones come to think of it!

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RT @WhiteSixtyFour: Bitrex is the most bitter substance in the world. Naturally, we had to do a taste test. #bitrexhttp://t.co/xMCTYpsW44

RT @tetrapak_uscan: From Martha Stewart to the #bitrextastetest, hope you had as great a day as we did @PLMA_USA http://t.co/JHBy7tKlRp

Congratulations to our winner #bitrextastetest #TasteTheWorstToWinTheBest thanks everyone for taking part! http://t.co/q5p5s4OLPi