A big 'hello' from everyone at Bitrex

First things first – what exactly is Bitrex?

Bitrex is the name of the most bitter substance known to man. It’s harmless – but it tastes disgusting. More and more manufacturers are putting the tiniest drop of Bitrex into their products to make them safer for children. Because try as we might to keep harmful household products away from our children, their inquisitive nature sometimes means they’ll happen upon something they shouldn’t. But if a product contains Bitrex, chances are that if a child tastes it, they’ll instantly spit it out.

To find out more about Bitrex, have a look around our website – and please share it with your friends.

Kind regards,
Cameron Smith
Bitrex Brand Manager

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If just one child is saved from poisoning themselves then Bitrex rocks!

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